Herzerl München Childcare Centre

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Lazarettstraße 62,
80636 Munich

U1 Maillingerstraße
Tram lines 21, 22, 23 "Hochschule München"


The Herzerl München Childcare Centre is located between the HM University of Applied Sciences and the German Heart Centre (Deutsches Herzzentrum). The facility can be reached via the tram lines 20,21,22 from Hauptbahnhof (Munich Central Station) to the stop "Hochschule München Lothstraße".

The Facility’s Rooms

The childcare centre was opened in September 2013.  The facility is located in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly passive house. Large window façades let the sun shine straight into the rooms. The generously designed house offers the children two floors to explore and to play in. Each of the five groups has their own group room, sleep room and bathroom. All rooms are equipped with child-friendly furniture and age-appropriate material. Every group can use the activity room once a week to play games in, to exercise and to gather new experience. There is a large garden right beside the building where there is plenty of room for the children to explore and experience nature throughout the seasons. The children can also drive around on various toy vehicles, build sand castles or enjoy the occasional picnic.

Whose Children Do We Look After

Children of students and employees of the HM University of Applied Sciences as well as those of employees of the German Heart Centre who live in Munich are given priority. If there are still places left, the childcare centre will also accept children of parents studying at one of the other universities the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern is in charge of.

Detailed Information on our Childcare Centre

Have a look at our German Concept for more detailed information on our childcare centre.

Information Event

Are you interested in our childcare centre? Then take a look at our information events page and come and visit us to get a first impression.