Servicepaket Tutors

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Dear exchange students,

The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern looks forward to welcoming you in Munich. For your first steps in our beautiful city, we have some important information for you.

As part of the Servicepaket, we organize a varied cultural programme for you. We regularly invite you to take part in our events, such as guided city tours, pub evenings, concerts, theatre, day trips and lots more. You will receive newsletters from us, in which we inform you about our upcoming programme.
Be part of it! And make your stay abroad an unforgettable experience!

Our events and cultural activities

If you have any questions, please contact our Servivepaket office.

We hope you’ll settle in well and enjoy your stay in Munich.

Our Servicepaket Tutors


From: Germany
Studies: Food Technology and Biotechnology, TUM
Hobbies: hiking, volleyball, gravel bike, board games

Hello internationals! My name is Bella and I have been living in Freising for over five years now. There is a lot to see on our green campus here, as well as in Munich and the surrounding area. So let's discover the most beautiful corners of the country together and create unforgettable memories! I have spent several months abroad in Australia myself, -I know what it feels like to be new to a country. So talk to me anytime! I am also happy to assist you with tips and advice about student life, activities and so on. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and having a great time together!


From: Turkey
Studies: Information System, TUM
Hobbies: rowing, swimming, cycling, hiking, traveling, and design

I have been living in the HochHaus in Olympiadorf since December 2020. I am in my seventh semester of economics at the Technical University of Munich. As a tutor, I am particularly looking forward to the outdoor activities with you. I want to show you what beautiful sights and places there are to discover here, and if you are a history buff like me, we have a lot to talk about.


From: Turkey
Studies: Mechanical engineering, TUM

Hey, I'm Deniz! Since I've also been an international student here in Munich for 3.5 years and also had an exchange semester in Singapore, I know how great it is to meet new people from all over the world in a foreign country and to experience a really new culture. I'm looking forward to help other internationals to have fun in Munich.


Hi guys! I’m Dani and study Psychology at the LMU. I grew up in Munich and would love to show you around. I spent a year abroad in England and so I know what it’s like to live in a foreign country. I’m more than happy to help you with any difficulties that might arise and look forward to exploring Bavaria together.



From: Germany
Studies: Mechanical Engineering, TUM

Hey! My name is Angelo. I moved to Munich not too long ago, but I did grow up in the area. I want to show you the most beautiful places around here. I love to work as a Tutor, because it gives me the opportunity to help you right from the start and maybe even to get you excited about Bavaria.


Hi, my name is Gerry and I’ve been living in Munich for 5 years. Since I spent a year abroad in Estonia, I like nothing more than spending time with international students. My exchange was the best time of my life and I hope we can help you feel the same here in Bavaria. I’m looking forward to meeting you!



From: Germany
Studies: Mechanical Engineering, HM
Hobbies: kayaking, mountain biking, building and flying remote-controlled aircraft, hiking and skiing

As a tutor I’m especially looking forward to the outdoor activities we’ve got planned for you.





From: Germany
Studying: Engineering Science, TUM
Hobbies: mountaineering, climbing/bouldering, mountain biking, playing the guitar

Hi! I've been studying in Munich for 3 years, I live in StuSta (Studentenstadt) and it's a lot of fun! I'm really looking forward to share with you what makes life in Munich so exciting for me and want to give you a bit of insight into all the opportunities that students have here - for example through the student council or in StuSta. I'd like to get to know you and help you in these new circumstances as well as I can. Therefore don't hesitate to reach out to me, no matter if you want to hang out or have a question or a problem!


From: Germany
Studies: Business Information Technology
Hobbies: travelling, fitness and cooking

Servus internationals,
Outdoor activities, sports, as well as active exchange, very much also culinary experiences, and the search for inspiring new experiences are very important to me. In Brazil, I had my own experience as an incoming and can understand the initial lack of ToDos. If you are looking for other ways to pass some time outside of our numerous events, feel free to contact me. My name is Lukas. As a tutor, I want to help you make the semester an unforgettable one.

I look forward to getting to know you soon and wish you lots of fun in the state capital Munich!




From: Uzbekistan
Studies: technology and biotechnology of food, TUM
Hobbies: table tennis, football, hiking, jogging, cooking and chess

Hello! My name is Aziz and I've been living in Freising for more than three years. Since I was once a "freshman" myself, I would be happy to help you get started with student life in Weihenstephan. I know many places where you can spend your time after the lectures. I could also tell you different life hacks how to get through the exam period. I am looking forward to meeting you!