Cash-Free Payment

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If you’re studying at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, the Technical University of Munich, the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan, the HM University of Applied Sciences or the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences you can use your Student Card to pay without cash. All other guests can use the Legic Card, which can also be used to pay at many of the universities' vending machines as well as other devices. A student Legic Card is only available for students who are enrolled at one of the universities the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern is in charge of.

The Legic Card

Quick and Efficient

The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern’s Legic Card is a card with multiple functions used primarily to enable cash-free payment. It does not require direct contact and can therefore usually remain in your wallet. All you need to do is hold your wallet up against the card reader.

Range of Uses and Payment

The Legic Card can be used as a means of payment in all our canteens, StuBistrosMensa, StuCafés, StuLounges and in most of our Espressobars. It can also be used for numerous of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern’s vending machines to purchase beverages, snacks or ice cream. Refund for empty bottles can be transferred back onto your Legic Card. Additionally, many photocopiers, scanners and printers in several parts of the libraries of the Technical University, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität as well as the HM and Rosenheim Universities of Applied Sciences are equipped with a Legic Card reader.

Purchase and Validity

The Legic Card can be purchased and also returned at the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern’s Infopoints or Service Offices; in general, they’re located in the entrance area of the canteens. Our service point staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have on how to use the card or help you if there are any problems. The cards can also be acquired at the cash desks in our StuBistrosMensa, StuCafés and StuLounges. The Legic Card is valid for a limited period of time; it can be extended by providing, for instance, your latest certificate of enrolment. We cannot give you a receipt for purchasing the actual card, but once you start spending your credit, you’ll receive receipts e.g. at a canteen’s cash desk.

Price and Topping Up

The Legic Card costs 12 euros. The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern keeps 7 euros as a deposit; 5 euros will be available as initial credit on the card, so that you’ll be able to immediately start using your card. You can top up your Legic Card with cash (5-, 10-, 20- or 50-euro notes) at the service machines. Hold your card up against the card reader, follow the instructions on the screen and wait until your new balance is displayed. There is now also the possibility of topping up your card automatically by means of direct debit. More information on Autoload can be found here.

If You Lose Your Legic Card

For privacy reasons the cards are not personalized. We therefore advise you to take a note of your 6-digit card number, e.g. with your phone. Should you lose your card, you can provide your card number in order to have it blocked by the Infopoint. Also, if a card is found and handed in, the number makes it possible to find out who the owner of the card is and thus return it.

Returning Your Legic Card

Should you no longer require your Legic Card, you can return it at one of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern’s Infopoints or Service Offices.  Please be aware that we can only return your deposit if the card is undamaged. For a yellow or red Legic Card you’ll receive 7 euros deposit, for all others 6 euros. For cards of the HM University of Applied Sciences (with a magnetic strip) you’ll receive 7.50 euros deposit.


Top up your card in no time at all

Thanks to Autoload you’ll no longer need to worry about whether or not you have enough money on your card. As soon as your balance falls below a certain value when using Autoload, your card will automatically be topped up at the cash desk. You can decide for yourself at what minimum what amount will be put onto your card!

For instance, you could set your minimum credit to 5 euros and the amount to be added to 20 euros.

So, if your current balance is 7 euros and you’re queuing up at the cash desk to pay 3 euros for your meal, your balance would drop to 4 euros. That would be below the minimum amount of credit you decided on! The cash desk will register this and automatically add 20 euros to your card. You’ll receive a receipt containing the details of the transaction. The money will then be withdrawn from your account within the next few days.


1. You’ll always have enough money on your card - without any hassle!

2. No queuing up at the service stations!

3. No need to constantly monitor your credit!

4. Less delays at the cash desk!

Data Protection

Our data privacy statement for handling data related to cash-free payment can be found at

FAQ - Autoload


What does Autoload mean?

Autoload means that new credit will be put onto your card as soon as it falls below a certain value. It’s carried out via direct debit; thus you’ll no longer need to top up your card at the service stations. You’ll always have enough credit on your card!

How can I register for Autoload?

Registering takes place at the Infopoints where you complete a SEPA direct debit mandate, thus authorizing us to make withdrawals from your personal or joint account. To do so, please bring along a document verifying you as the account holder (e.g. bank card, banking app, bank statement) as well as your canteen card (Legic Card / StudentCard).

Any account which we can withdraw from within the SEPA can be used. If you’re not sure whether or not your account can be used for SEPA direct debit, please get in touch with your bank to find out. In general, SEPA countries include all 27 EU states plus EEA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as well as Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Vatican City and the UK.

You’ll need to provide at least the IBAN for your account. If you have an account in Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Vatican City or the UK, you’ll also require the BIC.

In order to complete the SEPA direct debit mandate you also need to provide proof of your current address, such as a valid ID showing your address. In the case of international students whose current address is not stated on their ID, we require the student’s “Meldebescheinigung” (official proof of residence).

Should your bank account, address or even your name change, please immediately inform the Infopoint.

Why can my card only be topped up once a day?

In order to prevent fraud and for your own safety, your card can only be automatically topped up once a day. You will however still be able to top up your card with cash at the service machines.

Why won't the vending machines automatically top up my card?

Cards can only be automatically topped up at a cash register; unfortunately, Autoload can’t be carried out at vending machines.

What happens if I top up my card without having enough money on my bank account?

Should the Studierendenwerk receive a return debit note, the card will be blocked. You can unblock it at an Infopoint. Only cash can be accepted for unblocking a card after a returned payment. Should you have any questions, please contact:

When exactly is my card automatically topped up?

Topping up your card via Autoload can only be carried out when paying at a cash desk. That happens the moment your balance drops below the value you specified.

Most Frequent Questions

Why are chips labelled as vegetarian and not as vegan?

Our chips naturally don’t contain any ingredients of animal origin, but consist solely of potatoes and oil. They’re also always deep-fried in vegetable fat. However, the deep fryer is also used for other food that does contain meat. Unfortunately, our canteens don’t have a sufficient number of deep fryers to strictly separate the different types of food and it’s not possible to keep changing the frying fat as we’re talking about up to 160 litres which would have to be changed a couple of times each day.

Do the canteens use glutamate?

For the most part, our canteens don’t use flavour enhancers that require labelling (in accordance with the German “Zusatzstoff-Zulassungsverordnung”) as ingredients for their recipes, such as monosodium glutamate. We also, as far as possible, don’t offer any products which contain them. Dishes or products that do contain them are labelled with the corresponding number (4).

Why does the dishes’ labelling sometimes change, e.g. from vegan to vegetarian?

Several weeks go by from putting together the menu to ordering the food and it being delivered and processed. During this time it can happen that articles are altered by the producer or supplier. This information is then of course passed on to our guests. For instance, the ingredients of our noodles changed, making it necessary to change the labelling from “vegan” to “vegetarian”.

Why are the dishes’ nutritional values not made public?

Here we have good news. The nutritional values of the listed articles are by and by being entered into the management system. That’s a lot of work as several thousand articles need to be edited in our data base. We’re nonetheless glad to carry out this task. Nutritional values have already been entered for a majority of the articles, so that our guests will soon be able to gain access to this information. We’re planning to publish this data for the coming winter semester.

Why do the available dishes sometimes differ from the online menu?

There’s a central menu, which is created a lot in advance. Individual dishes however are put on the menus by our facilities’ chefs on that day. This ensures flexibility with regard to, for instance, the weather/season. Only the menu planned up ahead is available online, which currently cannot be brought up to date immediately should, for instance, food run out or should there be delivery problems. We’re already working hard at soon being able to provide more detailed information.

Who can use University Catering?

Our University Catering Service is available for customers in the field of higher education; it’s part of the department University Gastronomy of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern.

What does the Studierendenwerk do to contain the flood of paper cups?

The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern would love to do without any paper cups as the purchase and especially the disposal of the cups, which has a great environmental impact, would cease to be necessary. For years already, the Studierendenwerk has in fact been offering its guest various possibilities to avoid using paper cups. For one thing, it’s of course possible to use porcelain cups for your cup of coffee. You’re even very welcome to take those cups in to a lecture, provided they’re handed back. The Studierendenwerk also offers reusable cups to go, which are available for only €3.60 in our StuCafés and StuBistrosMensa. Naturally, all our guests can also bring and use their own cups. The outlet of the coffee machines can be adjusted in height. By the way, the disposable cups as well as the lids of the Studierendenwerk are 100% biocompatible, which has already been the case for more than 5 years! Despite all the alternatives it would be hard to completely do without any paper cups as the Studierendenwerk has a lot of unattended coffee machines.

Why is there only portioned milk at some coffee machines instead of fresh milk, which would produce a lot less waste?

Unfortunately, the fresh milk was often drunk “just like that” without any coffee. That led to our employees hardly being able to keep up with filling up the milk; often, there was none left for our coffee drinkers, causing complaints. We are sorry to say that putting up notices has so far shown no results, which is why you can only get portioned milk at some of our coffee machines.

Can I have a second helping?

In the case of meals that are sold in fixed amounts that’s unfortunately not possible as the dishes and their prices are worked out in detail. But you’re always welcome to buy yourself a second helping. A further reason why we are introducing self-service concepts – everyone can take exactly as much as they want. Getting yourself more, is then always possible.

Why are there no water dispensers in the canteens?

The Studierendenwerk doesn’t set up water dispensers for hygienic reasons. However, the Sodenthaler StuCafé water is available for only 50 cents per half a litre in all of the Studierendenwerk’s gastronomic facilities.

Can leftovers be given to, for example, homeless people?

We frequently look into the possibility of donating food, which is, however, not as simple as one might presume; often, certain conditions need to be fulfilled, such as assumption of liability. Donating food is therefore unfortunately not possible at the moment. However, the Studierendenwerk always does its best to generally avoid food waste.

Why are some desserts offered in plastic cups?

All our gastronomic services which have already switched to our new service and cash desk system now offer desserts in a glass. Desserts are also offered in plastic cups as this makes it possible to present them a lot more attractively as would be the case in porcelain bowls. Another advantage is the possibility to buy them as a takeaway for later, which a lot of our students like doing.

Why are some dishes priced according to weight while there’s a fixed charge for others?

Dishes which our guests (can) take themselves are charged for according to weight, enabling our guests to decide themselves how much they want. With some dishes, however, it’s is rather awkward to help yourself or it would take too long. In the case of certain dishes, for example during our specials weeks, it’s also important to us to prepare the food nicely for you on your plate.

Can I get back the credit left on my Legic Card if I lose it?

Due to data protection, cards are not personalized; we can therefore only block your card and give you back the remaining balance if you know your card number. So make sure to take a note of your 6-digit card number, e.g. with your phone. Should you lose your card, you can then provide your card number in order to have it blocked by the Infopoint. Also, if a card is found and handed in, the number makes it possible to verify the owner of the card and thus return it.

Where can I get information on the new price system and prices?

As soon as one of our gastronomic facilities has changed to the new service and cash desk system, you will receive information from our staff at the checkout. For general questions and complaints regarding this matter, you’re very welcome to turn to the management of the individual gastronomic facilities. Or send an email to


Where can I get a StuCup and where do I return it?

At first, StuCups will only be available at the machines set up at the Martinsried test site in the canteen, the StuBistroMensa and the StuLounge. You can return them at the machines set up for this purpose, which are located in the same gastronomic services.

Will disposable cups and porcelain cups still be available?

There will no longer be any disposable cups at the test sites. Porcelain cups will still be available. And you can also still use your own mug from home.

How do I pay the deposit?

You simply use your Legic Card or the LMUCard. The deposit is also returned via the cash-free payment system.

Why is there a test phase?

Introducing a system of reusable cups for vending machines involves considerable economic and organisational expenditures. The test phase is to establish whether or not our guests will accept and use the reusable cups.

What’s going to happen after the test phase?

If the test phase is successful (positive feedback from our customers and staff), the first step will be to permanently introduce the reusable cups at the test sites. The StuCup system can then be gradually extended, taking into account the situation at the individual locations.

Is coffee going to be more expensive?

No, it’s not.

What material are the StuCups made of?

Our reusable StuCups are made of polypropylene (PP). Cups made of this material can be used for hot beverages, are dishwasher-proof, shatterproof, neutral in taste and can be used for a long time.

Is the plastic StuCup environmentally friendly?

A key feature of polypropylene (PP) cups is that they can be used for a long time, making them extremely suitable for a system of reusable cups. Furthermore, polypropylene can easily be recycled and, compared to other materials that could be used, requires less energy during production.

How often can a StuCup be used?

As with all reusable items – the more often they’re used, the better for the environment. According to our supplier’s information and experience, a StuCup can be used at least 500 times.

Why are there no lids?

First of all, lids would require an additional deposit system, which would not meet an appropriate cost-benefit ratio for a test phase. Due to the structure of lids they’re also harder to clean, making them rather unsuitable for industrial cleaning. Besides, an environmental performance evaluation for disposable cups showed that the need for lids is very limited, simply causing additional environmental pollution. Once the test phase has been successfully completed, we could however offer them for sale, if requested. Thus, our guests would use their own lids.

What happens to StuCups that are damaged and can no longer be used?

Damaged StuCups can be handed in at the return machines. Cups that can no longer be used are handed over to the manufacturer to be recycled.

Can I fill hot water into my StuCup?

Yes, the cup can be used for all cold and hot beverages.


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