What are the costs?

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Fee Regulation for Childcare and Meals

Latest information on childcare fees in our Munich childcare centres, on booking times as well as on the fees for our non-Munich childcare centres can be found in our fee regulations as of 1st September 2024 (German).
Our current fee regulations (German) will be valid until 31st August 2024.

There is an additional charge for drinks and food. Our childcare centres use different caterers; have a look at the table to find out the amount that applies to your childcare centre.

Table of Fees

The fees for our childcare centres depend on

  • the location of the childcare centre and where your child lives
  • how long you want your child to be in the childcare centre each day
  • whether your child goes to a crèche or to a kindergarten
  • whether you are a student or an employee at a university

"Freitischchen" - Studentenhilfe München e.V.

The "Freitischchen" is a special offer for studying parents and their children. The Freitischchen project pays for the meals for children who are in one of the Studierendenwerks’s childcare centres. If the “Jugendamt” already pays part of the costs, the organisation pays the leftover share of the parents. The application is always approved for an entire year in the childcare centre.

Application forms for a Freitischchen are handed out to the parents by the childcare centre’s management. The application form must be filled in completely and sent to the organisation in a sealed envelope, including a valid certificate of matriculation as well as proof regarding the financial situation of the applicants (i.e. salary statements, acceptance letters from the Jugendamt, bank statements, etc.):

Studentenhilfe München e.V.
Leopoldstr. 15
80802 München

Please note that it is important you use the latest application form. All students can apply who are studying at a university that the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern is in charge of.

Parents can apply for a “Freitischchen” more than once. The application can only be considered if all the required documents were handed in. After you have applied, your application will be approved or rejected and you will be notified by mail.

Information on the “Bayerisches Krippengeld” – Bavarian Childcare Allowance

Detailed information as well as the application form including explanations can be found here (in German).