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Checklists for your application (in German)

Please note:

The online application platform BAföG digital sends out automatic emails that ask you to hand in missing documents or inform you that your application will be deleted.

These emails sent out automatically by the application portal BAföG digital are irrelevant. Only document requests which are sent directly by the Amt für Ausbildungsförderung München are relevant for you. 

If it isn’t possible for you to submit your BAföG application online due to technical reasons, you can of course also send us your application by post.

Online Application

You can simply fill in your BAföG application online and submit it in digital form or print it out.

The website helps to provide the full information required and will lead you through all the questions that are relevant for you. Furthermore, you can subsequently submit your documents online.

Using BAföGdigital makes it possible for us to deal with your application as quickly as possible. Please also make sure to upload the full application forms.

Applying via other online portals or email will lead to a delay in your application being dealt with.

If you are emailing documents, please only attach pdf files to your emails. You cannot attach files larger than 10 MB.

Do you still have questions concerning your application? Please have a look at our FAQ section; you might find an answer to your question there.

The former online application for Bavaria will remain available during a transition period.

Please note: From 15 July 2021 onwards, please use the portal to submit new applications (Formblatt 1, 3 and 4).
All forms will also continue to be available here. It is still possible to upload documents independent of when you submit your application. You can also fill in the forms 06, 07, 08 and 09 on that page.

The former upload portal may only be used if you are still studying at the same university!

BAföG-Schnellantrag (“fast application”)


If you are under time pressure, for instance at the end of a month, you can fill in our BAföG-Schnellantrag and email or fax (089 38196-111) it.

By handing in this informal application, you can make sure to receive BAföG funding for the month in which we receive it. You nonetheless still need to fill in all the required forms and hand them in.

Don’t use the Schnellantrag if there is still enough time left to fill in the forms, for example, if you haven’t yet started your education. BAföG funding is only available from when you begin your education.

Please note: This does not apply for follow-up applications! In the case of follow-up applications, the full application (all forms) must be submitted two months before the end of your current BAföG support.

Additional forms

The following additional forms are only used by the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern. Their purpose is to facilitate and speed up the application process:

You can of course upload the forms directly.

Forms can be found on bafö


Information material

Checklists and Forms