Studierendenwerk Fee (Studierendenwerksbeitrag)

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All students enrolled at a university the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern is in charge of are required to pay 85 euros to the Studierendenwerk. Students are required to pay this Basic Fee to their universities before they are matriculated.

The Basic Fee dates back to the concept of a mutually supportive community, from which the Studierendenwerke arose. It makes up approx. 15 to 19 per cent of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern’s income. It plays an important role in financing various services for which the Studierendenwerk does not receive any subsidies (such as the Advice and Counselling Network or the Cultural Programme) or services which the Studierendenwerk must co-finance with its own resources (for instance, its share for the construction of halls of residence or balancing out deficits regarding the canteens). More information on the Basic Fee and the increase as of the winter semester 2023/24 can be found here.

All students are obligated to pay the Basic Fee regardless of whether or to what extent they use the services offered by the Studierendenwerk. Please note that the official publication of the bylaws (regarding the Basic Fee) at the universities and here is binding for the effectiveness of the bylaws (see § 5).

The individual universities are responsible for collecting the Studierendenwerk Fee. It is charged by the universities before or with matriculation and subsequently passed on to the Studierendenwerk. Should you have any questions or claims, please refer to your university’s matriculation office or the Office of the University Registrar.

The bank details for transferring the semester fee vary from university to university: 

students studying at the LMU

students studying at the TUM

students studying at the HM University of Applied Sciences

You can request the bank details of other universities from the Office of the University Registrar or from the office responsible for matriculation.

Please note:

It’s not possible for the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern to reconstruct which students have or have not paid their Studierendenwerk Fee. Because, the university receives your payment.
The university then transfers the entire amount for all students of that semester. For that reason, the Studierendenwerk has no possibility of knowing who has transferred the fee and who hasn’t. Therefore, it is also not possible for the Studierendenwerk to make any corrections or retransfer any money.

So, should you have any questions regarding this matter, please directly get in touch with your university.

Any questions?

Should you have any further questions regarding the Basic Fee, please have a look at our

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

and the answers provided on that page.

Any questions regarding the Solidarity Fee / Semester Ticket Fee?

Should you have any questions regarding the general concept or implementation of the Solidarity Fee for the Semester Ticket, please have a look at this page.


International Student Identity Card

The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern is not responsible for issuing International Student Identity Cards (ISIC).

Enrolled students in possession of their student ID can usually obtain an ISIC in travel agencies should their universities not offer this service.

More information (also on other issuing offices etc.) is available at or here.