Studentenhilfe München e.V.

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Munich is one of the most attractive university towns in Germany – and also one of the most expensive. Funding and support are important so that also young and talented people from less well-off families can study here. The organisation “Studentenhilfe München” contributes actively and in an uncomplicated way to this goal: its commitment helps maintain and enhance the social infrastructure for students and thus helps improve equality for all at university. Chairman of the Board is Dr. Paul Siebertz; the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern’s Director is, in accordance with the statutes (§5,1), also Director of the Studentenhilfe München.


The History of the Studentenhilfe München

The organisation Studentenhilfe München e.V. was initiated in 1982 by a number of dedicated sponsors of the students. In the 1980s and 1990s, the lack of accommodation was already a pressing issue for students in Munich. But also in the 21st century, a number of new problems became apparent in the every-day life of students, which is why the association realigned itself in 2008 in order to still be able to serve the needs of the students to the best of its ability.


The Project “Freitisch”

Bachelor and Master degrees, tuition fees and shorter study periods have significantly increased time pressure and the pressure to perform, on students. Many students can hardly find any time to work during their tightly-packed days at university and often do not know how to earn the money they require for living. They often literally live from hand to mouth. In order to be able to financially help students in need effectively, Studentenhilfe München e.V. started the project “Freitisch”. In this project, which is intended to offer immediate help, the supported students receive vouchers (one main course with two side dishes each) worth 500 euros and can thus eat free of charge on every working day for one semester in the facilities of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern.


The Project “Notfallfonds”

Many students nowadays face financial problems which they cannot cope with by themselves. Having their own computer, important books or taking part in excursions sometimes is not possible because there is simply not enough money left. For this reason, Studentenhilfe München e.V. initiated the “Notfallfonds” project (Eng: emergency funds) in 2011 to enable students in difficult financial circumstances to cover important expenses. However, the project is not a permanent support, but a one-time payment intended for a specific purpose. The student receives this payment swiftly and unbureaucratically from Studentenhilfe München and does not have to pay it back.


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