Public transport for students (formerly Munich Semester Ticket)

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29€-ticket: Don't forget to cancel your Deutschlandticket!

Deadline: 10 September 23

Before you apply for the 29€-Ticket, you have to cancel your regular Deutschlandticket at the latest by the 10th day of the previous month - i.e.  if you want to apply for a 29€-Ticket for October, you have to cancel by 10 September!

Reduced Deutschland-Ticket for students (29€ Ticket)

From the beginning of the winter semester (with most universities 1 October 2023), the reduced Deutschland-Ticket for students, also known as the 29-Euro-Ticket, will be available.

From the upcoming 2023/24 Winter Semester, the reduced “Deutschlandticket” will allow students to use local and regional public transport in the entire MVV area as well as throughout Germany for only €29 a month at the same conditions as the regular “Deutschlandticket” (subscription-based!). At the start, the 29€ ticket will only be sold by the MVG for the winter semester in Munich; at a later stage, it might also be offered by other transport companies. A subscription for the 29€ ticket can be pre-ordered with the MVG from 10 August 2023 onwards; the ticket will then be valid from the beginning of the semester, starting 1 October 2023 (except for ISM). You can pre-order the ticket with the MVG on the following website:

If you’re currently using the regular Deutschlandticket, you need to cancel it in time to switch to the 29€ ticket. The ticket will NOT be automatically converted into a 29€ ticket at the start of the semester. The Deutschlandticket must be cancelled by the 10th day of the previous month; thus, in order to cancel the ticket for 30 September 2023, you need to cancel it at the latest by 10 September 2023 with the individual transport company from whom you purchased the Deutschlandticket (MVG, DB, BRB...).

To get the ticket, you need an account in M-Login and provide proof that you will be enrolled as a student at a Bavarian university in the 2023/24 Winter Semester. To do so, the MVG has devised an online ordering process in which you upload your matriculation certificate for the winter semester 2023/24. Should you already have a subscription for the regular Deutschlandticket with the MVG, you will need to cancel it before ordering the reduced one; otherwise ordering it will not be possible. From the beginning of 2024, you will be able to prove your student status without having to upload your certificate of matriculation via the integration of "Shibboleth" (authentication system of the universities for Moodle, Zoom, etc.).

Just like the regular Deutschlandticket, the 29€ ticket is available as a phone ticket via the MVG app or as a chip card. We strongly recommend choosing the phone ticket as only a limited number of chip cards are available and thus long delivery times are to be expected. Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment to reuse MVV chip cards from previous subscriptions.


Here’s a summary of the most important facts:

- 29€ ticket for students can be pre-ordered from 10 August 2023 (via app MVGO or MVG website)
- a regular "Deutschlandticket" subscription has to be cancelled beforehand (does not happen automatically!)
- when switching from the regular Deutschlandticket to the 29€ ticket, don’t forget to cancel by 10 September 2023.
- ticket will be valid from 1 October 2023 (start of the winter semester 2023/24)
- can be cancelled monthly (deadline 10th of the previous month)
- online ordering with proof of student status (upload of matriculation certificate winter semester 2023/24) with the MVG
- choose between a phone ticket (recommended) or a chip card

You'll also find some information in the FAQ of the MVG:

By the way, your student ID will NO LONGER serve as a ticket from the winter semester onwards as no solidarity fee will be charged in the winter semester. Don’t forget that when you’re travelling in the evenings or at weekends, you'll require a ticket!

Any other questions regarding student transport in Munich?

Should you not have found answers to your questions above, please get in touch with the office in charge with the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern.


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