Students from Ukraine already matriculated in Germany

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You are a Ukrainian student and are already matriculated at one of these universities under the jurisdiction of the Studierendenwerk Munich?

Then this information might be interesting or helpful.


Due to the war in their country, Ukrainian students are currently facing fear and uncertainties about their future – fear for their family members in their home country but also existential worries. Many of them will lose the financial support from their families. At the same time, the right of residence in Germany might be endangered due to financial issues or others.

The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern therefore wants to provide quick and straightforward support and would like to point out to Ukrainian students that they can contact the following services:

  • You have a lot of questions, need someone to talk to, or want to go through your next steps, e.g. to improve your financial situation? Please contact our department General Advice and Social Counselling (Allgemeine und Soziale Beratung) which will help you via email or phone! The following advisers are currently taking care of all our students:

              Sabine Stöhr, phone: +49 8031 805 - 2256, email:
              office hours: Monday to Thursday 9.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

              Larissa Müller, phone: +49 8161 71-2496, email:
              office hours: Monday to Thursday 9.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

  • If you need support to pay your meals, you can apply for a 100 € card for the student canteens – ask our advisors (above) for more information.

  • Ukrainian students living in one of our halls of residence can ask to defer rent payments. If necessary, please contact the administrative office responsible for your hall to find an individual solution.

  • If you need psychological help, please contact our Psychotherapeutic Counselling Service. Please call +49 89 38196-1202 (Monday and Thursday from 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon). Our colleagues will try to fix an appointment as soon as possible despite our long waiting list.

Furthermore, all Bavarian Studierendenwerke are in contact with the Bavarian Ministry for Science and Arts in order to extend BAföG services also to Ukrainian students.

The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern is deeply shocked by the situation in Ukraine. We condemn all forms of war or violence!

The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern offers its services to all students regardless of their gender, ethnic or social origin, their religion, sex, physical appearance, nationality or physical, mental or psychological disabilities.