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Important information for exchange students!

Exchange students or students participating in an exchange programme CANNOT use our online application. Please get in touch with your university. Thank you!

Please note the following when applying online

We’d like to ask you to take a close look at the information provided on our website regarding the different types of accommodation available in our individual halls of residence. Studio apartments (small flats with their own cooking unit as well as shower/toilet) are not available in all halls of residence.
If you’d like to move into a studio apartment, please check our web pages to find out if the halls of residence you`ve chosen offer this type of accommodation.

Please also take a look at the waiting periods before applying.

Information regarding current construction work, which could prolong the waiting periods, can be found here.
Especially in our halls of residence Studentenstadt Neustadt there are only a limited number of accommodation units available due to construction work.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Applying for the summer semester is always only possible from 15 November of the year before; applying for the winter semester is always only possible from 15 May of that year. (This does not apply to students who have already begun their studies in Munich, Freising or Rosenheim.)

You’ll find more information regarding the use of your data at the following links:

- data privacy statement for applicants

- data privacy statement for tenants



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