Accommodation for Students with a Disability or Chronic Illness

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The Accommodation Department of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern already offers special accommodation designed to meet the needs of disabled students in many of its halls of residence. But even in our halls that are not yet suitably equipped, we always do our best to find individual solutions. 

Information and Contact Details

Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern
phone: +49 89 38196-1252


Halls of Residence Agnes-/Adelheidstraße

The Agnes-/Adelheidstraße Halls of Residence provide three wheelchair-accessible apartments for our students.

The halls are located in the city centre; the nearest U-Bahn stop “Josephsplatz” is only a couple of minutes away.

Halls of Residence Chiemgaustraße

In 2022, as part of the urban consolidation project, also four wheelchair-accessible apartments were set up in the Chiemgaustraße Halls of Residence. The communal areas and nicely laid-out courtyards are perfect for the residents to get together.

Halls of Residence Felsennelkenanger

At the Felsennelkenanger Halls of Residence there are five doublets that are specially adapted to suit the needs of persons with physical disabilities (a total of 10 apartments, so that always 2 students share an accessible bathroom and kitchen).  All of the apartments are located on the ground floor and each apartment has its own terrace at ground level.

The next U-Bahn stop “Dülferstraße” (U2, Panzerwiese exit) and a shopping centre are right on your doorstep, and a medical centre with various different doctors is only 800 metres away.

For these apartments, cars can be driven right up to the main entrance.

Halls of Residence Heidemannstraße

The Heidemannstraße Halls of Residence, located in the north of Munich, offer 3 apartments suitable for disabled students. There is an elevator as well as a ramp for wheelchairs leading to the laundry room and the common room in House 6 (POOL - student restaurant) as well as several parking places for disabled persons. The next U-Bahn stop "Kieferngarten" (U6) is roughly 900 metres away.

Halls of Residence Heiglhofstraße

The Heiglhofstraße Halls of Residence are located right next to the Klinikum Großhadern and offer three apartments for disabled students. All of them are accessible on ground level and can be accessed by ambulance services.

There are various different shops available within a distance of 300 metres. The closest U-Bahn stop is "Klinikum Großhadern" (U6).

Halls of Residence Josef-Wirth-Weg

The Josef-Wirth-Weg Halls of Residence in the north of Munich offer two fully equipped apartments on the ground floor for disabled students, which can be easily accessed via a wheelchair ramp. They can also be accessed by ambulance services. The apartments are not specially equipped for wheelchairs.

The next shopping opportunity lies within roughly 500 metres. The U-Bahn stop "Kieferngarten" (U6) and "Freimann" (U6) are 1.4 km and 1.6 km away.

Hall of Residence Max-Bill-Straße

The Max-Bill-Straße Hall of Residence in the north of Munich, situated in what is known as the Domagk-Park, includes four wheelchair-friendly apartments with separate kitchens and bathrooms with wheelchair-accessible showers. The apartments are located on floors 1-4. There is an elevator. Automatic doors enable easy access to the hall of residence itself, the different floors, the laundry and dryer room in the basement as well as to the underground car park.

The bus stop “Max-Bill-Straße” is located 50 metres away from the hall of residence. From there, bus no. 177 takes passengers to “Frankfurter Ring” in 7 minutes or to “Studentenstadt Freimann” in 4 minutes. From there, the U6 or U2 can be taken to the city centre or out of town in the direction of “Garching-Forschungszentrum”.

Also, the next tram station “Schwabing Nord” is located only 500 metres away. From there, it takes 8 minutes to reach the stop “Münchner Freiheit”.

The EURO-Industriepark, Parkstadt Schwabing and the U6 stop “Alte Heide” all offer good shopping opportunities.

Halls of Residence Olympisches Dorf

The stepped buildings in the Olydorf Halls of Residence provide 22 wheelchair-accessible accommodation units.

The halls are located directly in the Olympic Park and thus offer lots of different possibilities for leisure activities.

It’s just under 250 metres to the next U-Bahn stop “Olympiazentrum”.

Halls of Residence Stiftsbogen

Our halls of residence in the Schröfelhofstraße offer 10 rooms suitable for disabled students. As these rooms are all part of shared flats for two people, one of the two available rooms can be used by care workers.

The next shopping opportunity is right at the U-Bahn stop "Haderner Stern" (U6), roughly 400 metres from the halls.


Hall of Residence Jochbergweg

The hall of residence Jochbergweg 1-7 provides one shared flat for four people suitable for disabled students, which is located on the ground floor. The flat is wheelchair-accessible and provides good access for ambulance services.

The U-Bahn stop Garching (U6) as well as suitable shopping opportunities are roughly 1km from the hall.


Halls of Residence Rosenheim II

The halls of residence in the Westerndorfer Straße 47 offer one doublet which is suitably equipped for disabled students. Both kitchen and bathroom are designed to meet the needs of disabled persons. The rooms are located on ground level and can be accessed with a wheelchair from the courtyard.


Halls of Residence Weihenstephan III

The halls of residence in Lange Point provide one wheelchair-accessible accommodation unit.