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Cooking gets people together and can give you a little break from your everyday life. Try it out and you’ll see! You can have a look in our (German) recipe collection to get some ideas.

Your University Gastronomy Team
of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern

Budapest-Style Fusilli

Fresh peppers and paprika in the sauce turn this meal into a spicy dish that will remind you of Hungary.

Here’s the German recipe

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potatoes have plenty of vitamins. Combined with vegetables, you get a tasty dish that will give you lots of energy. If you don’t eat meat, just leave it out.

Here’s the German recipe

Chinese Seven Delicacies

A classic dish with Ramen Noodles, vegetables and different meat and seafood.

Here’s the German recipe


A Creole rice specialty with fried shrimps.

Here’s the German recipe

Coconut Soup with Meat

An Asian soup with healthy ginger and limes. If you don’t eat meat, just leave it out and use vegetable stock instead of meat stock.

Here’s the German recipe

Fiery Bean Ragout

This dish could make boring days a lot more exciting! Some baguette served with it, will reduce the hotness a little.

Here’s the German recipe

Asian Rice with Vegetables and Egg

A delicious Asian dish for a light start into the new year. It will do us good after the lavish holiday meals in December.

Here’s the German recipe

“Bierbratl” with potato dumplings

A lovely Christmas recipe, which is easier to create than it first seems. Enjoy your meal.

Here’s the German recipe.

Rocket Pepper Salad with Sunflower Seeds and Pork Medaillons

The rocket salad with its nutty flavour is very healthy due to its high folic acid content. How come? Folic acid is a vitamin that has a positive effect on your heart’s health.

Here’s the German recipe

Marinated Turkey Breast on Walnut Cranberry Chutney

The fruity chutney goes marvellously with the turkey. As a side dish you could serve dumplings, rice or coleslaw.

Here’s the German recipe

Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce with Bread Dumplings

You can also use different types of mushrooms for this recipe, depending on which season it is.

Here’s the German recipe

Potato Gratin with Pea Mint Purée and Oven Pumpkin

Autumn is a good time of year for a special type of cuisine with potatoes and pumpkin that let’s us forget the rainy days outside. We hope you’ll succeed and enjoy your meal!

Here’s the German recipe

Fried Potatoes with Shakshuka and Hummus

This Israeli national dish with fried potatoes is a lovely meal to enjoy in Autumn.  Enjoy your meal!

Here’s the German recipe

Clam Chowder with Crisp Vegetables

Clam chowder is a light and healthy dish that is very suitable for Autumn.

Here’s the German recipe

Fried Pike Perch Fillet with Nuts and Avocado Blinis

The combination of the hazelnuts’ high mineral content and the fish’s important protein will provide you with a lot of energy.

Here’s the German recipe

Weissbier Cream

Sounds peculiar, tastes lovely! A great dessert during the Oktoberfest that goes well with red jelly!

Here’s the German recipe

Boeuf à la Mode

The braised beef in red wine sauce Boeuf à la Mode is great to greet Autumn in a fashionable way.

Here’s the German recipe

Nasi Goreng

The fried rice with vegetables is a classic dish in the Asian cuisine. And here’s an extra tip: it’s even more delicious if you sprinkle a little sesame oil and chopped monkey nuts over the dish before serving.

Here’s the German recipe

Penne with Tomato Cheese Cream Sauce

Create yourself a spicy cheese cream sauce to go with your penne. It doesn’t take long and is not difficult to make. Enjoy your cooking!

Here’s the German recipe

Asian Vegetables in Soy Sauce with Cashews

The Asian-style fried vegetables will make you happy and satisfied: cashews promote serotonin production, a messenger that helps us feel good.

Here’s the German recipe

Tagliatelle with Smoked Salmon

If you feel like cooking something special, then this tasty pasta with salmon in cream sauce is exactly the right thing! Here’s an extra tip: you can also use mild vinegar instead of the white wine; that’s cheaper and also suitable for kids!

Here’s the German recipe

Penne all'Arrabiata

An Italian classic for anyone who’s hungry and loves hot food. Traditionally, it’s a vegetarian dish, but it also tastes lovely with bacon!

Here’s the German recipe

Chicken Breast with Papaya Sauce

Combining the chicken with fruity papaya turns this dish into an exotic delight! And here’s another tip: to create the perfect holiday feeling, you could serve bananas in a honey mint sauce for dessert.

Here’s the German recipe

Waldorf Salad

... with celery and apple stripes in orange marinade. A fresh summer meal for in between and when you’re out and about!

Here’s the German recipe

T-Bone Steak on Peperonata

This beef dish is perfect for anyone who loves meat! Potato wedges or baked potatoes with sour cream go lovely with it.

Here’s the German recipe

"Kaiserschmarrn" with Apple Sauce

So yummy! None of us can resist crispy Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce fresh out of the frying pan.

Here's the German recipe

Sea Trout on Lentil Salad

The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish and the highly nutritious protein in the lentils will make your brain work even better!

Here’s the German recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese is a classic dish that should be part of everyone’s cooking repertoire. Have a look at how easy it is to make this meal.

Here’s the German recipe

Chicken with Honey Soy Marinade

This recipe will show you how to create crispy chicken in a spicy, sweet and sour marinade, requiring only a few ingredients. The chicken is cooked in the oven till it’s nice and crispy.

Here’s the German recipe