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Private Accommodation Service

The user ID I was sent doesn’t seem to be valid.

Please make sure to enter the ID correctly and pay attention to capital letters. The user ID has 6 digits. Don’t forget your user ID is only valid for a period of 6 months. If you received your user ID more than 6 months ago, you’ll need to register again.

What can I do if an offer seems untrustworthy?

If it turns out that the details mentioned in the offer are untrue or that the offer is untrustworthy, do let us know. You can either fill in our feedback form or simply send an email to pzv@stwm.de.

We also recommend not to pay your landlord or landlady in cash. But if you do, we strongly advise you to make sure you get a receipt.

I have forgotten my user ID.

Please send an email, including your name and date of birth, to pzv@stwm.de. We will then email you your user ID.

My account has expired; is it possible to re-activate it?

If that's the case, you must register again. You will also need to send us your latest certificate of matriculation. If you have any further questions regarding the Private Accommodation Service, please contact us via email at pzv@stwm.de or visit us in our office in the Alte Mensa in the Olympiadorf.

I registered and sent in the required documents some time ago, but have still not received a confirmation.

There could be different reasons for this:

  • The email address that you provided in the form was incorrect.
  • Your inbox was full when your confirmation was sent out
  • We did not receive your documents.

In order to find out what exactly happened, please get in touch with us by email.

Some offers don’t seem to exist, although they’re listed in the overview.

Your browser may be showing you an out-of-date version of the list. Please refresh the page to get an up-to-date list.

Is it common to be asked to transfer the deposit or rent payments to the landlord’s account in advance?

As there is always the danger of internet fraud, please never transfer any money for a security deposit, rent payment, or similar in advance. As the Private Accommodation Service merely hands on address details, the Studierendenwerk does not know the landlords or landladies personally.