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Being offered a room in a hall of residence of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern means to indirectly receive government funding. Compared to the total number of students requiring accommodation, there is only a small number of rooms available. The following criteria are intended to ensure the fairest possible distribution of the government-funded accommodation units.

1. Application Criteria

Students who want to apply for a room or apartment in a hall of residence of the Studierendenwerk are required to fulfil the following criteria. By submitting your application, you accept the application criteria.

1.1 Who can apply?

  • Only students studying at the following universities:
    • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU)
    • Technical University of Munich (TUM) (*1)
    • Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (HM)
    • University of Music and Theatre Munich (HMTM)
    • Munich School of Politics and Public Policy (HfP)
    • International University SDI München (SDI)
    • Blocherer Schule
    • Katholische Stiftungshochschule (KSH)
    • Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim (TH Rosenheim)
      (only for our halls of residence in Rosenheim)
    • University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan (HSWT)
      (only for our halls of residence in Freising)
    • University of Television and Film (HFF)
    • Academy of Fine Arts (AdBK)
    • International School of Management (ISM)
      (only if the Studierendenwerk Fee was paid)
    • Munich School of Philosophy (HfPh)
    • Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW), Munich Campus

      (*1) excl. Straubing Campus, incl. Heilbronn Campus; application possible for halls of residence in Munich and Freising
  • students whose monthly income does not exceed the current BAföG maximum rate by more than 30%
  • students taking part in a double degree or dual studies programme at one of the above-mentioned universities (Students attending the German courses of the universities can apply at the earliest one year before their studies officially start and can only receive a room or apartment, at the earliest, when they are officially enrolled and their studies have begun. Students studying at a Studienkolleg can apply as soon as their classes at the Studienkolleg have started, but will not receive a room or apartment before their studies at university have begun.)
  • applicants taking part in a "Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr" (FSJ, voluntary social year), "Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr" (FÖJ, voluntary ecological year) or in the "Bundesfreiwilligendienst" (BFD, federal voluntary service) will remain on the waiting list, but only if they have already received their acceptance letter and they are able to hand in a confirmation from the FSJ, FÖJ or the BFD
  • doctoral candidates when matriculated
  • students who have already lived in one of our halls of residence and have at least one more year left as a resident

1.2 Who cannot apply?

  • Erasmus students, exchange students
  • interns
  • “Sportlehrer im freien Beruf" (freelance sports teachers) at the TUM
  • students whose parents live within the MVV area. This does not apply for universities in Rosenheim and Freising.
  • students who have used up the entire 2 or 3 years of their tenancy or have less than 1 year left
  • students who already have a tenancy agreement with the Studierendenwerk. (This applies in particular to programme/Servicepaket students. Applying is only possible after your tenancy has ended, provided you have at least one more year left as a resident.)


2. General Information

Applying for a room or apartment is carried out online. If you fulfil the criteria listed in 1.1, please go to our Online Application and fill in the online form.

It’s possible to apply for a maximum of three halls of residence located at your main place of study.

The halls of residence chosen in your application will not be treated as a list of priorities.

Please be aware of the fact that an accommodation offer provided by the Studierendenwerk is binding. If you don’t accept the offer, your application will expire. There is the possibility to apply again; however, the waiting period of an earlier application will not be taken into account.

Please note that we send out our accommodation offers as well as tenancy agreements (incl. supplementary agreements / notification regarding withdrawal) digitally (as a pdf file). Should you not agree with this, please contact our administration.

2.1 Deadlines

Applying for the winter semester is possible from the 15th of May in the year that your studies begin and for the summer semester from the 15th of November the year before your studies begin. (This does not apply to students who are already studying in Munich, Freising or Rosenheim.)

2.2 Certificate of matriculation

In order for your application to remain active, you need to upload a valid certificate of matriculation into your account every semester. The deadline for uploading your certificate is the 1st of November for the winter semester and the 1st of May for the summer semester. If you don’t upload your certificate of matriculation by this date, your application will be deactivated. It’s therefore possible to apply at first without having a certificate of matriculation. It has to, however, be uploaded at the latest by the above mentioned deadlines.

If you apply between 2nd and 14th November or between 2nd and 14th May, your certificate of matriculation for the current semester must be uploaded directly while applying.

When signing a tenancy agreement, you’ll need to at least hand in your acceptance letter or, if available already, your certificate of matriculation or student ID.

2.3 Waiting periods

The waiting period can be between 1 and 8 semesters, depending on the hall of residence. It can be even longer due to extended tenancies, renovation works, etc. Therefore, the waiting period that is given when applying offers no guarantee of being able to move in.

In general, the Studierendenwerk goes by the waiting list when offering accommodation. In order to prevent possible problems when it comes to living together (e.g. in shared flats), exceptions have to be made.

We do not provide any information regarding your current position on the waiting list. Applicants receive an email (approx. 6-8 weeks before the tenancy starts) as soon as it’s their turn.

2.4 Duration of the tenancy

Tenancy agreements are always signed only for a fixed term. The duration of tenancy is:

  • at the most six semesters for bachelor students (as well as state examination, diploma, magister and the like)
  • at the most four semesters for master students
  • at the most two semesters for doctoral candidates (PhD students)

The duration of the tenancy agreement depends on how far on you are in your current course of studies. The tenancy agreement will be signed at the longest until the expected completion of your studies.

Exception: Bachelor students who are already in their sixth semester (or higher) and are planning on doing their Master’s degree can stay for a maximum of five semesters.

However, should you leave university before your tenancy agreement expires, you no longer fulfil the requirements of the tenancy agreement and the tenancy agreement will be terminated.

If you change your study programme, you are not entitled to a longer tenancy period.

I’s possible to interrupt your tenancy period (internship, semester abroad, etc.) if you still have two semesters of your six or four semesters left. In this case, you need to email your administrative office roughly three months before you wish to move out, attaching a document confirming the planned internship, semester abroad, etc.

You can only move back into your old hall of residence. You have no right to exactly the same room.

We reserve the right to reject to a resident moving back in or applying anew after having moved out (provided there are enough semesters left) if the resident

  • has been in arrears with their rent
  • has received an official warning letter
  • has violated the tenancy agreement in some other way

2.5 Security deposit

The security deposit is between 200 and approx. 1,700 euros.

2.6 Changing details of your application

Making changes to your application is possible within the first year after having applied without having any effect on your waiting period.

Any further changes or changes made from the second year onwards after having applied will lead to a change of your date of application. Your application date will then be identical to the date of your changing your application; thus, your waiting period will start all over again. Applicants who have already received an accommodation offer (Festanschreiben) can no longer make any changes to the halls of residence.

Changes cannot be made by the students themselves but only by our staff members dealing with online applications. To do so, send an email to

3. Special Cases

3.1 Hardship cases

Students suffering from health problems or students in a difficult social situation can apply for preferential admission. Reasons for being recognized as a hardship case would be, for instance, a disability, pregnancy or serious chronic illness which significantly limits the student's possibility to find accommodation.

If you want to apply as a hardship case, please fill in our Online Application Form and, additionally, email an informal application including the required documents confirming your situation to

Required documents could be, for example:

  • identification card for the severely disabled (“Schwerbehindertenausweis”)
  • maternity record (“Mutterpass”)
  • medical certificate

All documents must be handed in in German.

Each case is decided upon individually.

Please note that financial problems cannot be regarded as a hardship case.

The application criteria must be fulfilled.

Have a look here for further information on accommodation for students with a disability or chronic illness.

3.2 Apartments for single parents and couples

The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern has only few of these flats available.

Please fill in our Online Application Form and make a note in the field “Extra information” that you’re applying for a single-parent flat or for a flat for couples. Additionally, email an informal application including the maternity record (“Mutterpass”) / your child’s birth certificate to

The application criteria must be fulfilled.