BAföG Advisory Services

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When can we help

We try and answer any questions you may have concerning BAföG and help you with your BAföG application if you’re stuck with it. This only applies for students studying at one of the universities we are in charge of. Should you have any questions concerning the Meister-BAföG (AFBG) or Schüler-BAföG please refer to the local  BAföG office.

How do we help

The staff members of our BAföG Advisory Service are happy to answer any general questions regarding BAföG. If you are having difficulties filling out the application form, please take it along with you. We advise you to use the online application as it gets checked for mistakes right away.

If you are already getting BAföG and have specific questions as to what was decided in your case, please contact the staff members at the BAföG Service Centre.

How to contact us

Our BAföG Advisory Services are located in Munich and Weihenstephan. Click on the following links for more information on contact details and opening hours.