Studentenflöhe Crèche

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Studentische Elterninitiative Rosenheim Kinderkrippe "Studentenflöhe" e.V.
Westerndorfer Str. 47
83024 Rosenheim
Telephone/fax: +49 8031-89993

Bus no 1, direction "Hochschule Rosenheim"


The Studentenflöhe Crèche is located in the north of Rosenheim at Westerndorfer Straße (B15), not far from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. From here, it is only a five minute walk to the crèche. The "Rosenheim Hochschule" train station and "Hochschule" bus station are also within walking distance. Due to its position in the outskirts of the city, there are open fields and meadows right next to the crèche.

The Facility’s Rooms

The "original" part of the crèche was built in 1991, after which it opened in Westerndorfer Straße 47, 83024 Rosenheim in November 1992. The building was constructed using mainly natural materials and consists of two houses with pyramid roofs. It offered room for one group with 12 children. In 2013, a new building was added in addition to the reconstruction. Since January 2014, there has been enough room for two groups with altogether 24 children between the age of one and three. The new construction stands at a respectful distance from the old building and offers space for two large group rooms and an entrance area. The group rooms have large glass façades and indoor cubes that allow the children to play on two floors. The entrance area offers plenty of room for the children to hang their jackets and such, and is also used as a space to park prams and buggies. The old building contains two sleep rooms (activity rooms), two sanitary facilities, a storage room, a utility room, a kitchen, an office and personnel room and a disabled-accessible bathroom. Right next to the facility there is a fenced off green space and playing area. Here, the children can enjoy a sandpit, two rocking animals, a slide, a wooden climbing frame and a wooden hut. The toys for outside (e.g. Bobbycars, sandpit toys, etc.) are kept in the garden shed. The entire facility is constructed especially child-friendly and complies with the most recent legal guidelines. Due to the large amount of wood and glass used in the construction, all the rooms have a bright and friendly atmosphere and provide lots of opportunity for creative minds.

Whose Children Do We Look After

We take care of children of students and employees of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, students of the universities in Munich, employees of the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern and the “Studentischen Eltern-Kind-Initiativen”, as well as children from parents who live in the city or district of Rosenheim.

Detailed Information on our Childcare Centre

Have a look at our German Concept for more detailed information on our childcare centre.

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Information Event

Are you interested in our childcare centre? Then take a look at our information events page and come and visit us to get a first impression.