Staying in Germany

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Approximately 120 universities in Germany offer the possibility to obtain a doctorate after having graduated. About 25,000 PhD students successfully complete their doctorate each year. They are all of the opinion that it is well worth your while to crown your studies with a doctorate. Detailed information is available at the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD. You should also get some information on the terms of residence with the City of Munich for students doing their doctorate.

Master’s degree

Some universities offer specially designed master's programmes for international students, such as the Technical University and the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

Postgraduate studies

Just like a Master’s degree, a different type of postgraduate course of study is also an option and also possible regarding residence. Usually, after having successfully completed your studies, an (at the longest) two-year post-graduate study period can be granted (as long as the studies up until that point were completed efficiently).

Second degree

Due to residence regulations, choosing to study for a second degree after having completed a course of study is one of the most difficult options for further studies in Germany. If you are nonetheless planning a second degree, you should get some information with the Department of Public Order regarding your options.

You can find further information about possibilities of studying in Germany in the DAAD Higher Education Compass.


Don’t forget about insurances, especially health insurance.

Support in finding a job

The amiga Career Center for Internationals of the city of Munich offers advice for international students, graduates, talents and professionals when starting their professional life in Munich or the surrounding area. Whether you are looking for professional support regarding applying or searching for a job, infopoints or seminars & workshops: If you live within the MVV area in or around Munich, all the services provided by amiga are free of charge.

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After having successfully completed your degree at a German university, you can generally start working – always depending on the situation on the job market. The residence permit can be extended for up to a year and a half for anyone in search of a job fitting their degree. You can also be self-employed. You must have proof of having successfully completed your degree, of financing as well as the necessary health insurance. More information is available here.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a residence permit for university graduates, which is intended to facilitate and promote highly qualified persons from non-EU countries to permanently immigrate to Germany. The residence permit is valid only for a limited amount of time and there are several requirements you must fulfil:

- a German degree, a recognised foreign higher education degree, or a foreign higher education degree that is recognised as comparable to a German higher education degree.
- concrete job offer from a company in Germany;
- a position with a certain annual income;
- the position must be appropriate for someone with your qualifications (higher education degree)

You can find details and the current minimal gross annual income on this website of the Federal Government "" and the website of the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees).