Hall of Residence Sauerbruchstraße

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Administrative Office:  Stiftsbogen

Sauerbruchstraße 59, 61, 63
Heiglhofstraße 44, 46
81377 München

U6 Klinikum Großhadern

For more information about our hall of residence, take a look at the Sauerbruchstraße brochure.

All occupants agree that the location of this hall of residence is ideal in every way. There is plenty to do in your free time, there are great shopping possibilities and the location is very accessible with both public and private transport. Additionally, the relatively new house is comprised solely of apartments with shared kitchen (single room with sanitary facilities), so everyone can find the peace and quiet they need to study or relax. At the same time, the communal kitchens offer the opportunity for lively discussions or cosy chats.

Common room

Shopping opportunities, post office, travel agency, take away restaurant, pizza service

Concerts on the lake in the Westpark, spa in Forstenried

Child Care

Crèche Piccolini


Pictures of our Hall of Residence