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Digital BAföG Application and BAföG Digital App

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You can fill in and submit your BAföG application on the platform An application wizard will lead you through the entire application process, rendering the application a lot easier for you. The platform also tells you the status of your submitted application.

BAföG Digital App for already submitted applications

Thanks to the free-of-charge BAföG Digital app it's really easy to submit required documents to the responsible BAföG office for an already existing BAföG application via your phone or tablet.

The app also allows documents to be photographed or uploaded. Uploads are automatically compressed and can be confirmed after having been shown a preview. This is to ensure that the BAföG office receives legible documents.

In order to submit documents for an already existing application, students need to register via online ID or via username and password like on the BAföGdigital website. Please note that you need to have already started or submitted an application on BAföGdigital.

The BAföG Digital app is available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Questions as well as suggestions and problems can be emailed to

Further information is available online at