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Three-Course Menu in the Canteen

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Exclusive insights behind the scenes and a three-course menu like in a star-awarded restaurant. The winner of our latest satisfaction survey as well as her three companions were presented culinary delights this week.

First, they were given a roughly one-hour tour of the Weihenstephan Canteen, during which they became an impression of the work and processes that take place in a canteen kitchen. After the tour, they enjoyed a tasty vegan set menu. Following a blackberry-pomegranate aperitif, small tasty snacks and a mixed selection of summer starters, our chefs served the main course – baked kohlrabi in a herb coating on zucchini tagliatelle with tomato sugo. A vegan panna cotta with caramelized balsamic strawberries and almond brittle for dessert rounded off the menu.

New – great prizes to be won in satisfaction survey

Here’s our ongoing satisfaction survey.

Even more participants will be lucky in future. For now ten prizes will be raffled among the participants. The first three prizes are all a canteen voucher worth 50 euros.