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Samba in Our Canteens

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Our canteens will be offering our students a culinary journey to Brazil in July. Imagine yourself in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo – try our tasty specials and discover the variety of the Brazilian cuisine.

Brazil is well-known for its culinary variety, which combines influences from indigenous, African and European cultures. Although there is not really a Brazilian national dish, we’re offering various “classics”, which you can enjoy in our canteens:

  • feijoada: stew of black beans with beef
  • roasted sweet potato wedges with mango chutney
  • Brazilian roast chicken with coconut milk and mango
  • Brazilian-style chipotle stripes made of pea protein with black beans
  • Brazilian fish stew with coalfish, rose fish and coconut milk

Discover further Brazilian specials in our canteens’ menus.

Enjoy your meal!