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Bye-bye disposables

  • Categories: University Gastronomy
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From October 2023 onwards, the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern will no longer be selling coffee as well as other hot beverages in disposable cups. Instead, we want to reduce rubbish.

Participate in our concept for reusable mugs:

• Bring along your favourite cup or a thermal mug.

• Choose the Stuwerk Deposit Mug with a money back guarantee (two euros deposit; only available during opening hours).

• Reusable cups/mugs from other systems are also compatible!

Whatever you’re using, please be aware that it needs to hold at least 250 ml.

October Special!

Our Thermal Mug, which can be purchased at a good price in all of our gastronomic facilities, might come in especially hand.

Take advantage of our October Special. Starting 1 October 2023, you will be able to buy yourself a cup of coffee along with a Stuwerk Thermal Mug for five euros (as long as there are still some left and only in our participating gastronomic facilities).

Enjoy our coffee specialties!

The following gastronomic facilities are taking part in our Thermal Mug Special:

  • StuLounge Leopoldstraße

  • StuCafé Adalbertstraße

  • StuBistro Oettingenstraße

  • StuBistro Arcisstraße

  • StuCafé Arcisstraße

  • StuLounge Arcisstraße

  • StuCafé Pasing

  • StuCafé Lothstraße

  • StuLounge Connollystraße

  • StuCafé Boltzmannstraße 15

  • StuCafé Weihenstephan Maximus

  • StuLounge Weihenstephan