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Information for students on the 29-Euro-Ticket

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In Bavaria, the 29-Euro-Ticket for students, apprentices and people doing “Freiwilligendienst” will be introduced for the 2023/24 Winter Semester. Anyone entitled to get the ticket can already pre-order the reduced Deutschland-Ticket for 29 euros with the MVG.

29-Euro-Ticket – important information for students when pre-ordering the ticket

  • Order the ticket in your personal MVG account (via app or website)

Buying the ticket at a machine is not possible!

  • Validity

From the start of the winter semester 2023/24 (1st October 2023; except for ISM: 1st September 2023)

  • Proving your student status

At the moment, students need to upload their certificate of matriculation for the winter semester 23/24 as proof when ordering the 29-Euro-Ticket. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for the universities to issue a document of proof.

  • Cancelling existing tickets

At the moment, you cannot switch directly to the discount ticket (without having to cancel). The Deutschland-Ticket needs to be cancelled by 10 September 23 in order to switch to the 29-Euro-Ticket in time for the beginning of the semester.

  • Phone ticket recommended

Students can purchase the 29-Euro-Ticket as a phone ticket or chip card. However, we recommend to get a phone ticket in the app MVGO, which usually can be used within a few hours after having bought it. Whereas having a chip card delivered will take some time.

Further information can be found on our website or with the MVG themselves.