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We’re on Mastodon

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Follow us on the social media platform Mastodon in the fediverse.

Not only since Twitter is no longer called Twitter but “X” but already in the months before, has the social media platforms’ company policy changed as well as the users’ tone in general and the topics that are discussed. That was reason enough for us to think about possible alternatives and new ways of social media communication. The Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern has chosen the microblogging service Mastodon. Among others, the reasons for this decision are that it’s a decentralized project with free software, but also that the server (instance) chosen by us has clear netiquette rules which forbid, for instance, extreme right-wing, misogynistic and racist behaviour as well as hate posts.

We are also very pleased to now be present in what is known as the fediverse, a network of independent social networks based on the open source concept of GNU social. More information on Mastodon can be found here:

We would also like to thank the server operator of München.Social for their commitment.

We are no longer going to be active on our Twitter account; however, we are not going to delete it so that students will also be able to find us there.

We hope you join us on the new network and continue to follow us on Mastodon.

You can find us here:

Our username is