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Bayerische Landesstudierendenrat has elected new spokespersons

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from left to right: Nils Weber, Isabella Hennessen and Jakob Sehrig

The new student representation for Bavaria “Bayerische Landesstudierendenrat” has elected new spokespersons. This year’s election meeting of the Bayerische Landesstudierendenrat (BayStuRa) took place on the 14th of January 2024 at the University of Technology Nuremberg. The next year in office will be dedicated to strengthening the BayStuRa, which is now about to start its first full year in office since it’s been established. The new team will be leading the BayStuRa from 1st April 2024 onwards. Jakob Sehrig (21, Nuremberg University of Music), Nils Weber (24, University of Technology Nuremberg) and Isabella Hennessen (26, Technical University of Munich) will in future be representing the almost 400,000 students studying in Bavaria.

The former spokespersons Annabel Wolter, Torsten Utz and Michael Ruppert have successfully led the BayStuRa through its building-up phase. “The last few months were strongly dominated by the organisational build-up and by setting out the thematic foundations of the newly established BayStuRa. We are happy to hand over the body to responsible hands,” say the still officiating spokespersons.

The new spokespersons of the BayStuRa agree that “the finally established BayStuRa must be even more strongly positioned in the upcoming year and thus establish itself as a fixed body to represent all topics regarding higher education policy.” After its initial establishment and the ensuing transformation process, Hennessen, Sehrig and Weber want to now once again strongly focus on prevailing issues. More information as well as contact details can be found in the German press release below.