Applying for Accommodation - FAQ

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Please note!

Please be aware that we only accept one application for each student (initial application). Any additional application will be deleted without further comment.
If you’ve already applied, please get in touch by email to

Applying for Accommodation

What requirements do applicants need to fulfil?

Requirements include, for example

  • that you’re enrolled at one of the universities we’re in charge of,
  • that your monthly income doesn’t exceed the BAföG maximum rate by more than 30 %,
  • you do not live within the MVV area,
  • and others

Please have a look at item 1 of our application criteria.

Should you not yet be enrolled at a university, please look at the information provided under the question “What proof do I require in order to apply?”.

Who cannot apply?
  • Erasmus students, exchange students
  • interns
  • “Sportlehrer/-innen im freien Beruf" (freelance sports teachers) at the TUM
  • students whose parents live within the MVV area. This does not apply for universities in Rosenheim and Freising
  • students who have used up the entire 2 or 3 years of their tenancy or have less than 1 year left
  • students who already have a tenancy agreement with the Studierendenwerk. (This applies in particular also to exchange students and Servicepaket students. Applying is only possible after your tenancy has ended, provided you have at least one more year left as a resident.)
Am I entitled to be offered accommodation?

By submitting an application, you let us know that you’re interested in one of our accommodation units. You’re not legally entitled to receive accommodation.
The allocation of rooms depends on how many rooms are available every month.

How early can I apply?

You can always apply from 15th May or 15th November for the following semester.

If you’re already enrolled at one of the universities we’re in charge of, you can submit an application at any time.

Applying for our rooms and apartments is only possible online.

How do I apply?

Applying for our rooms and apartments is only possible online.

What proof do I require in order to apply?

Please upload (if you don’t yet have your certificate of matriculation) your up-to-date acceptance letter.
You can also submit an application without uploading an acceptance letter at the same time. However, you’ll then need to upload your latest certificate of matriculation at the latest by 14th May for the summer semester or by 14th November for the winter semester. If you don’t upload it, your application will automatically be deleted.

PLEASE NOTE! You won’t receive an automatic reply that your certificate has been received.

Do I need to submit a new application each semester in order to remain on the waiting list?

No, that’s not necessary. Please upload your acceptance letter or latest certificate of matriculation under “My Account” every semester.
PLEASE NOTE! You won’t receive an automatic reply that your certificate has been received.

How can I check whether or not my certificate of matriculation was successfully uploaded and accepted?

Please log in under  “My Account”. Should your certificate of matriculation not have been accepted you’ll find the reason stated there.

I have lived with the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern before. Is it possible to apply again?

Several factors must be considered. For instance, you need to have at least 1 year left as a resident (“Restwohnzeit”). Please enquire by email to

Can I take my application back?

Applying for accommodation is not binding. You can take back your application at any time as long as you have not yet signed a tenancy agreement.
Simply send an email to

Can I apply for a flat together with a friend or sibling?

No, unfortunately that’s not possible. You’re very welcome to apply for the same halls of residence and state whom you’d like to live with in the field “Extra Information” (Hinweisfeld). However, there’s no guarantee that it will work out. It all depends on what rooms will be free.

Can I apply for a flat together with my spouse?

Yes, that's possible, provided that both persons fulfil the application criteria; for instance, you both need to be enrolled at a university we’re in charge of.

Further information can be found under Item 3.

What do I need to pay attention to if I’m a single parent?
How do I apply if I suffer from a severe chronic illness or severe disability?
Can I change details in my application or check what information I provided?

No, unfortunately that’s not possible. Please get in touch by email to

What happens if I apply again although I have already submitted an application?

The new application will be deleted without further comment.

What does “upon request” mean for flats?

Flats which are available “upon request” are special flats exclusively for families, married couples, single parents or students with physical disabilities.
It’s not possible to directly apply for them.

I’ve been on the waiting list for very long. Why have I still not been offered accommodation?

There can be different reasons for this. If you’d like us to check whether or not your application is still active, please send us an email to

How can I find out how far up I am on the waiting list?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information on this as it strongly depends on various different factors, such as the number of students moving out, construction work taking place in some of our halls or how many students have applied for one and the same hall of residence. The expected waiting periods for the individual halls of residence can be found here.

I require proof of accommodation for my visa. What can I do?

We can issue a confirmation that you’re on our waiting list. If you require this type of confirmation, please send an email to

What does “Wartesemester” (waiting semester) mean?

A “Wartesemester” is the period of time which you will roughly have to wait until you receive an accommodation offer. You can also convert the waiting semesters into years, e.g. 4 waiting semesters from the day you apply would be approx. 2 years.

How many halls of residence can I choose when applying?

You can choose up to three halls of residence at the main location of your course of study.

Are the halls of residence I have chosen treated as a list of priorities?

No, they’re not. You’ll receive an accommodation offer for one of your chosen halls of residence, depending on where you reach the top of the waiting list first.

I’m an exchange student. Can I apply for accommodation?

No, unfortunately that’s not possible. If you’re an Erasmus student or exchange student, please refer to the international office of your German university.

I need a place to stay immediately. Why can I not be given priority?

As we only have a limited number of accommodation units available, we exclusively allocate free rooms according to the waiting list as well as the funding policy set out by the ministry.

Why have the waiting periods got longer?

The stated waiting periods are merely a rough estimate of how long you’ll presumably have to wait until you receive an accommodation offer after having applied.
Due to construction work or also an extremely high number of applications for the same hall of residence waiting periods can turn out to be longer than expected.

Is it possible to rent a room for a short period of time (< 1 semester), e.g. during an internship?

No, unfortunately that’s not possible. You could merely look for a room as a subtenant, provided you’re enrolled at a university. However, if our tenants require a subtenant, they look for them themselves. There is no portal for that purpose.

How can I find a room as a subtenant or information on other accommodation options in Munich?