Semester Ticket Munich (entire MVV area)

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Get a subscription in time!

From 1 May onwards, the old regulations from the past semesters will once again apply: your student ID will only enable you to travel within the MVV area Mondays to Fridays from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. as well as throughout the day during weekends. In order to be able to use public transport during the week throughout the day, you need to get a Deutschland-Ticket subscription. Don’t wait until the last minute, for then the portals might well be overloaded.

Very important: It’s not possible to purchase a single Deutschland-Ticket at a machine; it is only available online and as a subscription. However, it is possible to cancel your subscription by the 10th day of every month for the end of the month. The ticket is available as a digital phone ticket or chip card. How quickly you can use your subscription depends on where you buy it: With the MVG you need to register by the 25th day of the previous month; according to the MVV and DB, a phone ticket can be used immediately after subscribing.

More information and purchase options can be found here:

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Transition Semester Ticket to Deutschland-Ticket

New regulations concerning public transport for students

From 1st May 2023, the Deutschland-Ticket will be available; for 49 euros a month, it will then be possible to use all local public transport throughout Germany, including regional trains. So far it wasn’t entirely clear how Munich students would be able to change from their semester ticket to the Deutschland-Ticket without extra costs. Along with the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern, the AK Mobilität (committee for mobility of the Munich universities) has been intensively negotiating with the MVV (Munich Transport Association) during the last few months, and has now managed to reach a successful solution.

What are the details?

Your student ID with the MVV logo, validated for the summer semester 2023, will be valid as a full semester ticket from the beginning of the summer semester (15 March or 1 April) until and including 30 April 2023, enabling you to use the entire MVV area at all times. The cost for this has already been settled with you having paid this semester’s solidarity fee. Thus it won’t be necessary for students to buy the IsarCard Semester for the summer semester; instead, you can directly purchase the Deutschland-Ticket from 1st May onwards. which provides more possibilities at less cost throughout the semester. To do so, you need to subscribe to a monthly ticket with the transport services; it can, however, be cancelled on a monthly basis. More information on the Deutschland-Ticket can be found, for instance, on the MVG website:

The IsarCard Semester will from now on no longer be sold.

Have you already purchased an IsarCard Semester for the coming summer semester?

Should you already have bought yourself an IsarCard Semester for the summer semester, you can return it with the transport services. The time frame to do so has been prolonged and it is now possible to return it until 30 April 2023. You need to return it at the service centres of the transport service at which you originally purchased the IsarCard Semester.


  • DB ticket machines -> S-Bahn Kundencenter Central Station or Munich East and at the DB Verkaufsstellen (RZ) in the MVV area
  • MVG ticket machines/counters -> MVG Kundencenter Central Station or Marienplatz
  • BRB service centre / ticket machines -> BRB Kundencenter

Receiving a refund after 30th April 2023 will not be possible – so make sure to return your ticket in time.

You don’t need a Deutschland-Ticket, but you’d like to use the MVV in the evenings and at weekends?

After 1st May 2023, your validated student ID will still be valid for using public transport as usual Mondays to Fridays from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. as well as all day during weekends, until the end of the summer semester 2023.

What’s going to happen in the winter semester 23/24?

The Free State of Bavaria is planning to introduce a 29-Euro-Ticket from the winter semester 2023/24 onwards, which will be available for students and trainees. To accomplish this, the Deutschland-Ticket will be subsidized by a further 20 euros per month, so that it will only cost 29 euros while providing the same possibilities. We will, of course, inform you as soon as further information is available regarding the ticket being introduced.

More information and news on the semester ticket can also be found here: .